About Us

Welcome to Vital®. Through this website you will find out who we are; our products and state-of-the-art software Plant Nutrient Calculator. You will also find career opportunities; how to become a successful distributor with our products, and how to contact us easily. Any question, comments or feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Our main goal has been always to improve profitability for our customers but at the same time reduce farming risk, and one important part of it, is the plant nutrition issue. We believe that a well fed plant will better resist stress due to weather changes, also diseases or pests can be properly managed if you have a healthy and strong plant supported by a special nutrition program from planting until harvest.


Our focus is mainly in water soluble fertilizers formulas specifically developed as part of a complete plant nutrition program for any crop with the purpose of obtaining maximum yields and quality produce.


Our Company was founded in 2010 but we have more than 25 years of experience in crop nutrition. We are located in Mission, Texas and serve the Rio Grande Valley area as well as a selected distribution network.


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