Field proven knowledge

Field proven experience and knowledge enable us to provide added-value solutions and services for our customers by optimizing yield and crop quality while reducing environmental risk.


World class facilities

Bagging and packaging facilities with technologically advanced equipment, dust and humidity control, and selected raw materials allow us to manufacture high performance and quality products.


Disruptive thinking
and applied science

Disruptive thinking, science-based solutions and ideas, and plant nutrition knowledge lead us to develop an extensive and differentiated line of products supported by user-friendly digital tools.


Proprietary software

Proprietary state-of-the-art software and apps development created as plant nutrient calculators are available for consultants, crop advisors and farmers to facilitate crop decisions in terms of application rates and timing.



Real experiences, actual results

"very easy to mix, flows through the tape very easily and with a very good distribution into the bed. Soludrip® growth is a lot better, and we end up with real good size and real good uniformity across all the onions. I found a real increase in production using Soludrip®..."

-Jeremy Florence

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"We noticed a phenomenal difference in emergence. Much better than I ever expected. Even in more adverse conditions, Vital Start® pop-up fertilizer has performed very well. We haven’t seen this in a long time. It was a good investment..."

-Mike England

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"We started the balanced nutrition, and by the week we noticed than change. We have better quality in our sprouts, really good fruit size and great quality. We haven’t seen a setting like this before."

-Edgar Cobian

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