Dairy and beef producers and forage crop farmers who are aiming to maximize their production, have a new ally!

General Information

VERDE Vital® dry are balanced formulas that provide a complete and specific nutrition program for pastures, all kinds of grasses, fodder crops and legumes.

It’s NPK-S-Mg ratio increases the response of crops under irrigation systems or with an adequate rainfall season. Results are achieved in short time and with lasting benefits thanks to multicote® –a controlled release nitrogen fertilizer based on a polymer coated urea. Unlike conventional fertilizers, VERDE Vital® dry was designed to meet the most common nutrient deficiencies in forage species and grasslands, and at the same time, optimize forage quality and yield.

Designed to be applied by broadcasting or band placement into the soil to enhance the yield and quality of forage production in all kinds of pastures, grasses, fodder crops and legumes, VERDE Vital® dry three formulas allows you to choose the most suitable fertilizer considering what kind of forage crop is cultivated; what yield is expected and if it's going to be grazed or harvested.

All three VERDE Vital® dry formulas are powered by multicote® which is a controlled release nitrogen fertilizer with a polymer coating that allows a continuous release of this nutrient and avoids lixiviation. A single application of multicote® is responsible for the nitrogen nutrition of the plant for several months, depending on multicote® grade and soil temperature.

Why is it better

Premium materials, nutritional balance, applied technology, powered by multicote® , specific formulas for either grasslands or for forage crops, and a third formula for N-Fe reinforcement, all add up to deliver a solid field performer! Fertilization programs based on VERDE Vital® dry produce more biomass and have better protein and minerals content that those untreated and therefore, will promote better weight gains or milk production.

How to use as a program and dosage:

VERDE Vital® dry formulas are very versatile, opening many possibilities for different application methods and/or programs. From a single main application at the start of the growing season to an intensive fertilization program with monthly applications, including reinforcement with VERDE Vital® Nitro. Some general guidelines are:

For specific rates and conditions, please contact your crop advisor or a Vital Fertilizers® representative.

VERDE Vital® water-soluble can be delivered in 100 lb bags, and 2000 lb super sacks.

For added versatility VERDE Vital® dry formulas are available as water-soluble fertilizer formulae too