Dairy and beef producers and forage crop farmers who are aiming to maximize their production, have a new ally!

General Information

VERDE Vital® water-soluble formulas are specially designed to satisfy the most common nutrient deficiencies in forage species and grasses under fertigation. They can be used with different irrigation systems as long as it allows the injection of a stock solution into the mainline. It’s NPK-S-Mg ratio increases the response of crops and results are achieved in short time.

VERDE Vital® water-soluble two formulas allows you to choose the most suitable fertilizer considering what kind of forage crop is cultivated; what yield is expected and if it's going to be grazed or harvested.

With both formulas, pastures receive high quality nutrients in an optimized balance and in a form that is readily available to the plant in a prompt and efficient manner.

Why is it better

Premium materials, applied technology, specific formulas for either grasslands or forage crops, nutritional balance that supplies secondary nutrients, Sulfur and Magnesium (S, Mg), and micronutrients such as Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn) and Boron (B) all add up to deliver a solid field performer! Pastures treated with VERDE Vital® produce more biomass and have better protein and minerals content that those untreated and therefore, will promote better weight gains or milk production.

For specific rates and conditions, please contact your crop advisor or a Vital Fertilizers® representative.

VERDE Vital® water-soluble can be delivered in 50 lb bags, and 2000 lb super sacks.

For added versatility VERDE Vital® water-soluble formulas are available as dry fertilizer formulae too