Just in Time® is a user-friendly software tool that optimizes the application process of Soludrip® fertilizers and enables growers to calculate crop specific, complete and balanced, plant nutrition programs.

Just enter the kind of crop, its current phenological stage, irrigation system parametres, fertigation time and the acreage. With this data, the APP calculates the dosage to apply in base of water volume for irrigation and the interval and frequency of the fertigation events in order to maintain a continuous balance and homogeneous quality in the nutritional solution.

This technique facilitates and maximizes the delivery of the nutritional solution throughout the entire root zone for optimal plant development.

The APP has different reports including the guaranteed analysis of the Soludrip® specialty formula used, the nutritional solution in parts per million and the fertilizer units applied by acre.

Soludrip® and its powerful nutrient calculator Just in Time® are equally important parts of the concept.

Concept objectives

Nutritional solution features

Feed your crops like a professional crop nutrition specialist with Soludrip® and Just in Time® technology!