Fertibites® 17-17-17

Fertibites® 17-17-17

Lawn and Plant Food.

Complete balance of macro and micronutrients to fertilize all kind of ornamental plants, shrubs and trees. It can be used for gardening, landscape and turf.


For Outdoor Ornamental Plants and Trees:

Apply Fertibites 17-17-17 directly to the soil and evenly around your plants; irrigate thoroughly. For best results, use a rake to loosen up the soil around the plant. Do not concentrate the product near the trunk or crown of plants.

Suggested Rates Pot Applications

For Existing Lawns and New Planting Lawns:

1. Mow the lawn: If the grass is tall enough to reach the bottom of the spreader, then cut the grass before starting the application.

2. Calibrate fertilizer equipment.

Rotary Spreader - Scotts Edgeguard DXL Mini Rotary Spreader - Scotts Edgeguard Mini Drop Spreader - AccuGreen 1000 Hand-Powered Spreader - Whirl

3. Fill the spreader: Pour the product into the hopper while maintaining the spreader on firm and even floor.

4. Product application: Apply 4 lb for each 1000 sq ft every 6 to 8 weeks.

a. Drop application. Apply header strips first; cover the whole area back and forth until you reach a header strip. Make sure spreader wheel completely overlaps previous wheel marks.

b. Broadcast application. Apply header strips first, then apply product in longest direction of lawn; each pass should be within 5 feet from each other to ensure an overlap. Don’t over apply header strips.

5. Add water: For best results, irrigate half inch of water covering the whole fertilized area.