Fertibites® 28-7-14

Fertibites® 28-7-14

Lawn Food.

Specialty formulation for turf and landscape with a distinctive balance that promotes a thicker and greener growth allowing a healthy lawn development.


Existing lawns:

1. Mow the lawn: If the grass is tall enough to reach the bottom of the spreader, then cut the grass before starting the application.

2. Calibrate fertilizer equipment.

Rotary Spreader - Scotts Edgeguard DXL Mini Rotary Spreader - Scotts Edgeguard Mini Drop Spreader - AccuGreen 1000 Hand-Powered Spreader - Whirl

3. Fill the spreader: Pour the product into the hopper while maintaining the spreader on firm and even floor.

4. Product application: Apply 4 lb for each 1000 sq ft every 6 to 8 weeks.

a. Drop application. Apply header strips first; cover the whole area back and forth until you reach a header strip. Make sure spreader wheel completely overlaps previous wheel marks.

b. Broadcast application. Apply header strips first, then apply product in longest direction of lawn; each pass should be within 5 feet from each other to ensure an overlap. Don’t over apply header strips.

5. Add water: For best results, irrigate half inch of water covering the whole fertilized area.