Leaf VITALITY® Premium Foliar Feeding line has four formulas: All Purpose, N-Plus, P-Plus and K-Plus, each one has a particular nutrient balance that perfectly suits specific needs in plant development, but their versatility allows them to be used as broad nutritional supplement at any time.

Leaf VITALITY® All Purpose is designed to be used on any crop to boost overall plant performance; Leaf VITALITY® N-Plus for vigorous growth and exuberant foliage; Leaf VITALITY® P-Plus to enhance root development, stem thickening, and better energy absorption through sunlight and flowering; and Leaf VITALITY® K-Plus for the plant’s response against environmental stresses with greater adaptability. It also improves the quality of flowers and fruits, giving them a better appearance in size, color, and shelf life.

All four formulas also contain essential amino acids, naturally inducing the plant to perform its physiological processes with greater efficiency and lower energy expenditure.

Why Foliar Feeding?

The plants’ leaves have been found to serve as an efficient absorption medium therefore creating an additional nutrient delivery channel, which in turn, improves metabolism throughout the plant, enabling it to have a greater nutrient pull regardless of growing medium. The combination of nutrients and amino acids found in Leaf VITALITY® products is fundamental for a crop to maintain its high nutrition value while decreasing plant stress and extending the plant’s functionality.

For better results consider:

Powered by Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids are organic compounds displayed as protein building blocks. When these blocks connect they then create polypeptide chains, which are responsible of composing the different protein varieties found in all living organisms.

Amino Acid supplementation has proved to aid in:

Our Formula includes Chelated ⇒ and Non-chalated micronutrients for best performance: