Soludrip’s History

Farming is becoming every day a more challenging activity. Higher production costs, lower market prices, public awareness on resources use and food safety, are just a few of the many challenges today’s farmer faces. Now, more than ever, farmers need better agricultural practices; efficiency, sustainability, and profitability are the new rules of farming.

To help farmers all around facing these new challenges, we created Soludrip® which is much more than just fertilizer formulas, it is a complete Ultra-Precision Plant Feeding System, that uses a specifically designed WSF formula by crop and by phenological stage, and takes into account irrigation system parameters to calculate a high-precision dosage.

As a result, Soludrip® is a high-precision nutrition program compared to the ones that actually exist in the market; it can be used with all pressurized irrigation systems, allowing the grower to dose nutrients correctly and have control of their investment per acre while maximizing the full potential and yield of the crop.

Soludrip’s Technology Goals

Why and how it works?

Like all living things, plants have big differences between them, including their nutritional requirements, for example, a watermelon plant has very different nutritional needs than those of an onion plant.

Soludrip® does not only make different formulas per crop, but also for a specific growth level or phenological stage. The feeding needs of an infant are different from those of a child, a teenager, or an adult. Same thing happens with crops, Soludrip® precisely identifies the nutrient needs in each of the specific crop phenological stages.

Putting it all together, Soludrip® plant feeding system takes into account:

As a result, we have increased production, better productivity, top quality harvest, all without excessive use of nutrients.

Difference between Soludrip® and traditional fertilization

Traditional fertilization of a crop/field usually falls into one of 3 scenarios:

All 3 scenarios share one thing in common: the farmers aims to "fix" a deficiency.

Soludrip® fertilization program is designed to primarily fulfill all nutrients required by a specific crop and phenological stage regardless from the soil’s own nutrient content by following the 4 nutrient stewardship principles: the right source, the right rate, the right place, and the right time. Soludrip® doesn’t react to a nutrient deficiency that is affecting plant’s performance; Soludrip® supply all nutrients just in time®!

The technology in our formulae in combination with specific irrigation techniques practically feeds the crops directly, diminishing their dependency on the soil and its conditions. Water displacement varies according to the soil type; Soludrip® has the advantage that adapts to all soil types and pressurized irrigation systems like drip, micro aspersion, sprinkler, center pivot irrigation, and even protected agriculture growing directly on soil.

With the right irrigation technique and Soludrip® the grower can create homogeneous nutritious strata in the root growing zone, thanks to the uniform displacement of the fertigation solution due to mass flow and diffusion principles. This way, all of Soludrip® nutritious solution is available in the root zone, where the crop can make the most of it.

Just in Time® Soludrip® proprietary app

Our crop nutrition program is supported by an easy-to-use software and app that is fully accessible and completely free named Just in Time® Plant Nutrient Calculator, which includes major crops, phenological stages and different irrigation systems to follow up the feeding of your crops, step by step, from planting to final production.

Advantages of using Soludrip® and Just in Time®

Let Soludrip®, Just in Time® and Vital Fertilizers® crop nutrition specialists help you feed your crops like a professional without the need of special infrastructure, new costly equipment or advanced technical knowledge.


Real experiences, actual results

"very easy to mix, flows through the tape very easily and with a very good distribution into the bed. Soludrip® growth is a lot better, and we end up with real good size and real good uniformity across all the onions. I found a real increase in production using Soludrip®..."

-Jeremy Florence

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"We are testing degrees Brix and we’re getting 14.5, some others reach 15 and 16. From the beginning, the crop showed up strongly, and the color of the plants, the structure and the texture were very different too. It’s all in one single bag and you don’t have to mix with other products..."

-Cecilio Piña

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