Blueberry Stages


A complete Crop Nutrition System composed of water-soluble fertilizer formulas –specially designed to be applied at each phenological stage.

Soludrip® Blueberries has two formulas that are specially designed to fulfill the plants’ nutritional requirements in the following stages:

1- Sprouting-Flowering Stage

Application range: between sprouting and the formation of the first berries and/or as an activator for plants under growing stress.

Phenology: this stage is characterized by vegetative growth; stems elongation and thickening; root structure development; foliar biomass increase; flower buds appearance. In general terms, this stage is characterized by a vigorous growth of the plant.

2- Fruit Setting-Filling-Harvest Stage

Application range: between fruit setting, filling and the end of harvest.

Phenology: this stage is characterized by swelling of the buds; flower development; appearance, growth, and filling of the first berries. Fruits pigmentation, flavor and turgency is defined at this stage.

For better results, we recommend the use of our Just in Time® Plant Nutrient Calculator or consult optimal application rates with a trained soil specialist or with our technical department.