Melon Stages


A complete Crop Nutrition System composed of water-soluble fertilizer formulas –specially designed to be applied at each phenological stage.

Soludrip® Melons has three formulas that are specially designed to fulfill the plants' nutritional requirements in the following stages:

1- Starter Stage

Application range between 1 and 25 days after planting.

Phenology: rooting, plant vascular development. Strengthen of the plant, and readiness to start vegetative development.

2- Vegetative Development Stage

Application range: between 30 and 50 days after planting.

Phenology: plant vine elongation, high foliar biomass, early flowering formation, root stimulation and sprouting.

3- Flowering-Production Stage

Application range: between 55 days after planting and final harvest.

Phenology: formation and filling of the fruit, female flowering, foliar area maintenance and sugar concentration.

For better results, we recommend the use of our Just in Time® Plant Nutrient Calculator or consult optimal application rates with a trained soil specialist or with our technical department.