Onion Stages


A complete Crop Nutrition System composed of water-soluble fertilizer formulas –specially designed to be applied at each phenological stage.

Soludrip® Onions has four formulas that are specially designed to fulfill the plants' nutritional requirements in the following stages:

1- Starter Stage

Application range between 10 and 30 days after planting or seedling emergence.

Phenology: rooting, appearance of first true leaves, high cellular division activity for the appearance of the new leaves and moderated photosynthetic activity.

2- Vegetative Development Stage

Application range: between 35 and 65 days after planting. or seedling emergence or between thinning and the beginning of bulb formation.

Phenology: formation of internodes and new leaves for an intense foliar development, thickening of the neck and increased leaf turgidity. Sugar accumulates inside the plant in order to prepare bulb development.

3- Bulb Development Stage

Application range: between 70 and 110 days after planting or seedling emergence.

Phenology: formation, growth, definition of layers, and increase of specific weight of bulbs. High nutritional demand according to a proper management of irrigated water.

4- Bulb Growth Stage

Application range: between 115 days after planting and lodging of the tops.

Phenology: bulb filling, foliar reabsorption, low photosynthetic activity and low demand of irrigation water. Concentration of sulfides inside the plant to obtain pungency characteristics.

For better results, we recommend the use of our Just in Time® Plant Nutrient Calculator or consult optimal application rates with a trained soil specialist or with our technical department.