Seedlings Stages

A complete Crop Nutrition System composed of water-soluble fertilizer formulas –specially designed to be applied at each phenological stage.

Soludrip® Seedlings formula is specially designed to fulfill the plants' nutritional requirements in the following stage:

1- Seedling Stage

Application range: general suggested use is from cotyledons opening until transplant into the field, which usually coincides with the first 30 to 40 days of the seedling’s life.

Phenology: this formulation promotes and stimulates the process of radicular growth, stem thickening, apical dominance control, axillary buds stimulation and new growth points without producing elongation or disproportionate growths. This phenological stage requires primarily phosphorus, potassium and zinc in a delicate balance with the other elements.

For better results, we recommend the use of our Just in Time® Plant Nutrient Calculator or consult optimal application rates with a trained soil specialist or with our technical department.