Two balanced

formulas to meet

all nitrogen and key

nutrients needs!

Urea- based formula + organic acids Vital Hi-N® 30-12-7 is a urea-based water-soluble NPK fertilizer with an important balance of key nutrients and micronutrients, formulated to enhance overall growth and plant development, for an extended period of time after application. Urea and ammonium nitrogen, as a cost-efficient nitrogen sources, will remain in the soil until it is transformed and absorbed by the plant.

Nitrate- based formula + organic acids Vital Hi-N® 24-9-5 is a nitrate-based water-soluble NPK fertilizer with secondary nutrients and micronutrients designed as a balanced formula to increase plant biomass and enhance root development. Provides two forms of nitrogen, ammonium and nitrate, to obtain a phytotonic effect and a significantly rapid plant response to massive growth.

Both Vital Hi-N® formulas, urea-based and nitrate-based, have been added with RBT® Root Bioenhancer Technology- –which is the combination of organic acids in precise balance with inorganic nutrients that boost root biomass development and increase nutrient uptake by an improved interaction between soil and root system. A healthier and well-developed root system will allow to absorb a higher amount of nutrients hence the plant will express its full genetic potential in terms of enhanced growth, higher yields and improved quality on grains or produce.

Seven nutrients, three forms of nitrogen plus organic acids* in two formulas

30-12-7 + 3.5S + 0.89Mg + 0.09Fe + 0.18Zn + OA*

(Urea based)

24-9-5 + 3S + 0.8Mg + 0.07Fe + 0.14Zn + OA

(Nitrate based)

By mixing these two formulas, you will obtain three different forms of nitrogen: nitrate, ammonium, and urea. By using them straight, each bag provides two forms of nitrogen: urea-ammonium (30-12-7) or nitrate-ammonium (24-9-5).

Vital Hi-N® is a key part of Vital Plant Nutrition Program™, that consists of a pop-up starter fertilizer and three Hi-specialty fertilizers, that can be applied either straight or combined, and Vital Hi-Calc® a simple yet powerful plant nutrient calculator that allows the farmer to follow suggested nutrition programs or create their own; from a very simple program with only one application either as preplant, pop-up, or sidedress, to a very complete program with multiple applications covering all modes, one preplant, pop-up, and 2 or 3 sidedress applications. Vital Plant Nutrition Program™ is designed to fit the specific needs of any crop and any farmer.

Directions for Use

How to prepare Vital Hi-N® solution:

Fill the tank with water to 80% (30-12-7) or 85% (24-9-5) of its capacity, then add 3.57 lb (30-12-7) or 2.78 lb (24-9-5) of Vital Hi-N® per each gallon of water added; final stock solution obtained must reach 100% of the tank capacity. Be sure to dissolve the product completely with constant agitation during the mixing process.

How much to apply of Vital Hi-N® solution:

With regard to conditions not shown on these charts, please contact your crop advisor or a Vital Fertilizers® representative.