• Growers must enroll in the program by the enrollment deadline April 30, 2022 in order for eligible purchases for the 2021-2022 program.
  • Row crops include Corn, Sorghum, Cotton, Sunflower, Canola, Sesame, Wheat, Soybeans and Hemp.
  • Growers must have at least 300 acres of farming operation in row crops.
  • Growers must operate in qualifying geography and purchase from Vital Fertilizers between program date (August 2021 – July 2022).
  • Growers must have at least $1,000 in their rewards account at the time of redemption to claim incentive.
  • Redemptions requests must exceed $500. Rewards will expire in December 29, 2022.
  • Growers must submit payment within 30 days of delivery to be eligible for rewards.

Vital Farmers Club™ - Row Crops Program

Terms and Conditions

    1. Vital Fertilizers LLC and its affiliates reserves the right to modify or withdraw this program or any portion thereof without prior notice.

    2. Only products purchased directly from Vital Fertilizers LLC and sold directly to growers are eligible for program payment.

    3. Only products purchased for use on the grower’s owned or leased land are eligible for rewards.

    4. All federal, state, or local taxes on payments received under this program are sole responsibility of the payment recipient and not of Vital Fertilizers or its affiliates.

    5. Vital Fertilizers reserves the final decision, with absolute discretion, on whether purchasers are valid growers.

    6. Fraudulent activity in the shape of reporting or documentation, that Vital Fertilizers, with absolute discretion, deems that may not have been done in good faith, that is not aligned with business practices or purposely done in a manipulative way to unfairly benefit from program earnings, will be grounds for withholding or invalidating program payments and reimbursements of any payments already made, and may immediately terminate the program contract with the grower.

    7. Vital Fertilizers reserves the right for two years, from 2021, the right to audit compliance with all conditions of this program. Including, but not limited to, an audit of retailer/dealer’s or grower’s books/records and inspection of facilities. Any retailer/dealer or grower found of fraudulent submittal of information will be responsible for the cost of the program audit. If retailer/dealer, or grower doesn’t have proper documentation for audit term (two years) – Vital Fertilizers may treat lack of documentation as invalid sales or not made through the program’s terms and conditions.

    8. All information provided by Vital Fertilizers (Includes Vital Rewards Calculator™) – in terms of individual program earnings is made with the best and honest intention to show the potential estimate earnings for the grower. Vital Fertilizers will calculate actual total program earnings and payments, at its sole discretion.

    9. Vital Fertilizers reserves the right to debit future payments and/or seek reimbursement if errors are discovered after payments have been issued.

    10. Vital Fertilizers registers its product in the state of Texas of the United States of America, in accordance with state regulatory standards. Vital Fertilizers is not responsible for the use of its product outside of the state of Texas.

    11. Vital Fertilizers will provide rewards to the farmer only after payment of has been submitted, processed, and approved.

    12. The special offers from the Row Crops Program cannot be combined with different offers, discounts, programs or promotions.