Vitare™ Hydroponics is a new plant nutrition concept for precision fertigation. With only three compatible formulations and calcium nitrate, Vitare™ Hydroponics offers the versatility of creating infinite balanced formulas in accordance with the nutrient requirements of any crop, including its specific demands for each of its phenological stages. Designed for an efficient and simple use, Vitare™ Hydroponics, reduces human error, avoids nutrient blocking and antagonism, as well as deficiencies and/or excess of nutrients.

Each of the three formulations found in Vitare™ Hydroponics, has a nutritional balance that includes all the macro and micro nutrients, but privileges one macronutrient in particular (nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium) and provides the grower with the flexibility to be applied individually or combined, in either as a concentrated stock solution to be injected to the mainline or as a final nutrient solution to be used directly in NFT or drain to waste systems.

Straight Stock Solution: one Vitare™ formula is injected to the mainline at a time, at a specific injection rate, without mixing with any other Vitare™ formula or calcium nitrate.

Individual Stock Solution/Combined injection: three individual Vitare™ formulas and calcium nitrate are injected to the mainline at the same time, at a different and specific injection rate each one, to obtain the desired nutritional balance for the crop to be fed.

Combined Stock Solution/Combined injection: three Vitare™ formulas are mixed together in a nurse tank to obtain a final stock solution with the desired NPK value. Final stock solution and calcium nitrate are injected to the mainline at the same time, at a specific injection rate each one to obtain the desired nutritional balance.

Combined Stock Solution/Ultra-Low Volume: three Vitare™ formulas and calcium nitrate are mixed together in the irrigation water reservoir at specific ratios to obtain desired nutritional balance in the final fertigation solution.

Vitare™ Hydroponics program is based on the principle of nutritive solutions. The concept consists in providing a specific crop with the specific required nutrient balance, exactly when it needs it, and in the form that it needs it. As a result, all the calibration and calculation of the nutrients is done in ppm (parts per million), their elemental form, which the plant recognizes as its edible ionic forms, rather than working with fertilizer units that can be very misleading as not all reported units are readily available to the plant as food.

Under this principle, using the 3 Vitare™ Hydroponics master formulas (and calcium nitrate) and VitareCalc™, a grower can calculate mix ratios and feeding applications rates to create endless, truly versatile, homogeneous and stable nutritive solutions, either concentrated injectables or final nutritive solutions, that are usable on all types of substrates. The objective is to keep the solution’s physical-chemical conditions stable for a correct distribution in any hydroponic system, and optimized for the plant’s intake and conversion with the least energy waste.

VitareCalc™ and the application methodology, play a key role in the nutrition concept of Vitare™ Hydroponics to procure the following aspects: